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The following are three Presant wills that I have found so far.  They were all located on England's PRO (Public Records Office) website for on-line documents.  Good luck in reading these things as they are written in a style difficult to understand.


This first will is for a John Presant, the oldest person I have found with the Presant name, who died in 1759.  His occupation is listed as a barber, and it would appear he was only married for two years before he died, and left his wife Elizabeth as the executor of his estate.  I have all three as Adobe Acrobat documents and can be downloaded below:



The next will I have is for a William Presant who died in 1816 and is featured on the home page.  He was a butcher and his holding were more extensive and his will indicates this.



The third and last will is for George Presant, the son of William featured above, who died in 1848.  



Here is a Francis Cambridgeshire.  Connections to Presant's not proven but the name and location are close enough to make me take notice.

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 Francis Present Will


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