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The Presant's of London 

There have been many Presant's located in London, England. Historically, roughly about 10% of England's residents reside here compared to the rest of the country to make it the population center, so naturally quite a few Presant's lived around this town. If you have read the research into the Presant name it would appear a John Present was a resident of London in 1582 and possibly the farthest back we can go with the Presant genealogy.  I have included this research as separate from the Norfolk genealogy since I am unable to make a connection with the Presant's of East Anglia.  


The International Genealogical Index (IGI) indicates at the earliest a marriage between a John Present and Elizabeth Wilde in 1757 at St. Luke's, Finsbury Middlesex, in London.  I have a copy of his will when John died in 1759, see the Wills page.  They had one son that I know of, William, and he is shown being married to Hannah French at St. Luke's Church in 1784.  William and Hannah had three children, John b: 1785, William Tester b: 1787 and Mark b: 1793.  I do know that their son John married Mary Martha Ogle in London in 1805.  It is with this John Presant that I start to learn more.  I have his death certificate showing that John Presant, Gentleman, died July 10, 1843, age 58 at No. 3 Conduit Place, Kensington, Saint John Paddington in the County of Middlesex.  Cause of death: Inflammation of the bowels.  John and Mary Martha had five children, Sarah Hannah b: 1806, Mary Ann b: 1808, Elisabeth b: 1809, John b: 1811 and William b: 1815.


Conduit Place London


The son John born after the turn of the 19th century shows up in the 1881 census as John "Presanbe" (as transcribed in the census ), age 70, living in Willesden, occupation Chief Clerk and indicating a birth in Hoxton, Middlesex. This same census and other sources show seven children, Rebecca Ann b: 1833, John Morisson b: 1836, Emily Catherine b: 1839, Alfred E. b: 1841, Frederick William b: 1841, Florence Elizabeth b: 1844 and Stanley Alexander b 1846 born to this couple.  The death registration index shows that John dies at age 88 in Hastings in 1899, and that Rebecca dies in 1900 at age 67 in Battle so some of the family has moved to the southeast of England.


Frederick William shows up on the same 1881 census as dwelling: at 11 Holly Village Census Place: St Pancras, London as 39 years old and a Bank Cashier, with wife Catharine M, age 41, and three children, Fredk. S. b: 1875, Florence b: 1877 and Charles L. b: 1879.   This Frederick S. is the one that shows up in a history book for a rural region of Alberta.  An excerpt from a book of stories from the Three Hills History Book, titled "As the Years go By" is provided below.


Title: Frederick S. Presant, S.W.1/4, Tsp.30, Rge 23, W. 4, August 11, 1900

"Fred Presant was a rancher in partnership with William Cutler about 1900.  they lost heavily in the hard winter and nearly went broke through the lack of adequate hay.  The prairie fires bothered them.   Mrs. Presant was Harry and Jack Taylor's sister who worked on the Elliott ranch on the Knee Hill Creek.  She was a very pretty woman.  The Presants had two children, Violet and Fred .  The family lived in a log house on a bend in the Three Hills Creek.  The eastern part of the house was nearly covered with hops.  The beavers had a dam at the back door and would have liked to cut the poplar trees back of the house but Fred set a trap and pinched their fingers and then let them go.  They seemed to come to an understanding that they must not cut his tress right at the house.  They lived there as long as Fred.   Fred Presant was able to speak and read in both French and English, being from the Old Country.  As long as he farmed he kept Shorthorn cattle, about a dozen or so as the pasture would feed.   Mrs. Presant always claimed the cows had very deep feelings and suffered a lot at weaning time. Fred Presant died at Drumheller and Mrs. Presant died in the Linden home.   Mr. Presant enlisted in World War I, leaving Mrs. Presant, family farm, cattle, horses and everything.  He served in a medical outfit carrying stretchers in the trenches right in the firing line.  Through the mud of French winters, gas attacks (mustard and chlorine), shellfire, -- he worked always trying to save another one.  His was selfless devotion.  He was a hero."


Presant Place


Three Hills Area Map


Fred & Mary Presant photograph taken 1904 in Alberta, Canada


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